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Why LTFSC.com?

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So why Long Term Food Storage Calculator.com?  My family has been prepping and storing food for about 5 years now.  I don’t plan to reinvent the wheel here, as the information contained on all my websites, including this one, comes from people much smarter than me.  This calculator is based on the LDS Food Storage Calculator found here.  While that is the most popular calculator on the Net, I always thought it was ugly and busy and could easily provide a touch more information.  For example, I always wanted to be able to find out how much I’d need to store for any particular period of time instead of just a year, and more importantly, I wanted a calculator that I could add my own foods to.

So over a year ago I set about trying to create my own Long Term Food Storage Calculator.  After some fits and starts, I finally got it done with the help of some programmers from Romania.  To be honest, it ended up costing way more than I ever thought, so I put in the Premium account system to help cover some of the costs and, if enough folks want, add upgrades to the system.  So if you think of anything more you wish the system would do, please let me know!


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Sharyce  |  December 8, 2012

Hey I love love love the calculator but would like to be able to add my own types of food that our family has stored…like popcorn kernels..I put it under corn meal but I also have that stored…Is there anyway that I can add my own food to the categories? Thanks so much

    admin  |  March 25, 2013


    Sorry for the very slow reply, I missed this note!

    By signing up for the premium version, you can add any food types you want to your inventory.

    Thank you!

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