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There are many reasons to enact a food storage program.  If you are reading this, you likely know of several.  Some may call it a throwback to our grandparent’s way of thinking; I call that wisdom.

So what are the main reasons to have a food storage program?

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness – From Haiti to Katrina, Japan to Brazil, hundreds of thousands of people were left without basic provision and sustenance.  What these stories don’t usually mention are the few who were not dependent on the system, a fragile supply train of trucks, to provide food and water to their area.  Food storage in these cases is the equivalent to insurance:  a modest cost to prepare when times are good, and an absolute blessing worth many times that cost in times of need.

Economic Preparedness – A good food storage program allows you to shop for many items only when they are on sale.  Being able to shop less often, and only when you can maximize your purchases, can save from hundreds to thousands of dollars annually, depending on the size of your family.  Food storage can also help your family weather tough times, such as a job loss or economic hardship, knowing your family will still be able to eat.

Convenience –Having your favorite foods at home mean no more ‘quick trips to the grocery’ because you’ve forgotten something, saving you time and money.  Unexpected guests at dinnertime no longer require you to call for pizza, and you can put together a great meal with just what you have on hand!

Long Term Food Storage Calculator.com will help you figure out what you have, and what you need!